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Rev Dr Joseph Murphy


Rev. Dr. Joseph Murphy

May 20, 1898 - December 15, 1981

Joseph Murphy was born into the strict Catholic family of highly educated parents, in the south of Ireland.  His father was an educator and linguist.  He was raised in a world of books.  He was the fourth of five Murphy children.  Like Emmet Fox, Joseph Murphy entered into a seminary to study for the priesthood, at the encouragement of his parents.  Although he preferred studying religious philosophy and the mystics, he remained in the seminary not to disappoint his parents.  Joseph Murphy completed his studies and was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest.  During the same time, he studied science and Chemistry and earned a diploma as a pharmacist.  His life as a Catholic priest was short lived, stating that his quest for spiritual truth was stifled in the priesthood.  When he left the priesthood, he boarded a ship to New York.  He worked as a pharmacist.  It was at this time that he met Abdullah, the well- known Ethiopian rabbi, and professor.  This was his introduction into New Thought, this was his mentor, this is where he learned about the power of the sub-conscious mind, the kabbalah, the hidden meanings of the Bible, and the power of God within.  Eventually Dr. Murphy embarked on a spiritual search that took him to holy cities around the world.  When Joseph Murphy began to study Science of Mind and was ordained into Religious Science.  He held services for s brief period of time in Rochester, New York.  During this time, he healed himself of a life threatening skin cancer.  Through his friendship with Ernest Holmes, he met Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein.

He was greatly influenced by his friend Emmet Fox.  In 1950, Joseph Murphy moved to Los Angeles. He had been studying the teachings of Dr. Nona Brooks of Divine Science.   He earned a degree in the Divine Science movement and became the west coast director of Divine Science.  His ministry grew.  Thousands of people would crowd into the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles to hear his message.  His favorite motto was “Truth never changes.”  He penned thirty-six books.  His well known "Power of the Subconscious Mind" made its way around the world and continues to be among the most important of New Thought writings. Its message is perfect health, happiness and prosperity can be yours if you use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind.  One of his dearest friends was the well know New Thought speaker and teacher Dr. Jack Holland.  Joseph Murphy traveled and lectured many times around the world.  He lived a full and rich life. 

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