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Rev Ruth Hammink Carr

Rev Ruth Hammink Carr

Rev Ruth Hammink Carr

April 9, 1909 - April 13, 2008

Rev Ruth Carr was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1909. Her father, George Hammink, came to the United States from Holland in 1883 with his father, George Von Hammink. In Cleveland, the family opened City Brass and Foundry. Her Grandfather also became the Dean of the Dutch Reform Church in Cleveland during this period.

Her mother, Caroline Meier Hammink, began exploring Fillmore's Unity teachings in the 1920's, and provided early exposure to Ruth in New Thought through the Unity Newspaper that came to their home in those days. Throughout her life, Ruth was a student of Unity and Divine Science teachings, and she followed her minister, Rev Dr. Frank Glabach, from Unity into Divine Science during the years that she and her beloved husband, Jack Carr, lived in Birmingham, Michigan.

In 1996, at the ripe age of 87, Ruth completed her ministerial training and was ordained in Divine Science by Rev Dr. Bill Trainor, then of the Brooks Divinity School. Ruth ministered beside Rev Glabach in Birmingham before entering assisted living facilities with Jack as they entered their 90's. Even in retirement, Ruth continued to be a chaplain and pastoral counselor for other residents of Canterbury on the Lake in Waterford, Michigan, occasionally challenging the theology of her younger Episcopal hosts, including her dear friend, Fr. Robb Kerr. Ruth transitioned just days after entering her 100th year in 2008.

Her Great-Nephew, Rev Dr. C William Mercer, is among her fondest Divine Science legacies, having served as his beloved spiritual mentor during his adult years, leading to his New Thought ordination in 2007 and his Divine Science ordination in 2008.

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