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Rev Malinda E Cramer

Rev Malinda E Cramer
Founder, Divine Science
June 12, 1844 - August 2, 1906
We honor Rev Malinda E Cramer, founder of Divine Science, for her outstanding work as a minister, teacher, healer, college president, coalition builder, author and publisher. She worked devotedly to teach Truth, laying a foundation in Christ Consciousness for generations to come.

In May 1888, Malinda founded the "Home College of Divine Science" "for educational, ethical and religious purposes; for instruction in Divine Science and its therapeutic application – the Christ method of healing." Later, in August of that year, Cramer began publishing Harmony Magazine, which had on its cover, "A monthly magazine of Philosophy devoted to Truth, Science of Spirit, Theosophy, Metaphysics and the Christ Method of Healing." The Magazine carried selections from many world religious traditions and news of the developing New Thought Movement. Four years later she founded the International Divine Science Association on May 17,1892.

In February 1889, while teaching in Denver, Fannie Brooks James attended Malinda's classes and the Colorado branch of the movement began to truly take shape. In 1892, Fannie James and her husband moved onto Clarkson Street in Denver, In 1893 Nona Brooks moved from Pueblo to Denver, followed by her other sister, Alethea Brooks Small in 1895. In October 1898, the Colorado College of Divine Science was established with Malinda's help. Malinda Cramer ordained Nona Lovell Brooks on December 1, 1898, setting the stage for Rev. Brooks to establish the First Church of Divine Science, Denver on January 1, 1899.

Malinda E. Cramer left us too soon.
With gratitude from Rev Roma Carlisle and Rev Dr Robert Winterhalter.

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