Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Dr Christopher Bazemore

Rev Christopher Bazemore
210 East Biddle Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
email: centerforholisticliving@yahoo.com



Rev Bazemore has explored many metaphysical traditions and found many spiritual "foster homes." His first two ordinations were in the Church of Brotherhood, and the Church of the Holy Spirit (Rose Cross). After intensive study of Religious Science, Science of Mind (privately taught) and Christian Science, he was ordained in Divine Science by the Brooks Divinity School, Denver, Colorado, in February 2002. He continues these teachings at the Center for Holistic Living in Largo, Maryland, which he founded in the late 1970s, and where he continues to serve as Pastor with its new name "The Church of the Holy Spirit, United Divine Science."


Rev Bazemore earned the Doctorate Degree from the California School of Professional Psychology in 2002; a Master's Degree in Counseling from Trinity College and has served as Director of Religious Education and taught in parochial schools. He was granted a Doctorate in Ministry from the Church of the Holy Spirit.

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