Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Nina Russell

Rev Nina Russell

8847 Airline Hwy

Baton Rouge, LA 70815-4004

(225) 924-3780

email: ninaclaire@bellsouth.net


"Rev. Nina Russell, a third generation metaphysical student who graduated from and was ordained in two Divine Science ministerial schools with practitioner certification, also has ordinations in New Thought and Full Gospel and is a former president of the Divine Science Ministers Association. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher, qualified to teach and lead in Unity Churches. A former Christian Scientist, and student of the Infinite Way, the Joel Goldsmith teaching, she first studied under a direct student of Earnest Holmes. She majored in Comparative Religions at Louisiana State Univeristy, and for 40 years spent much time studying under different spiritual teachers, from two to six years each. Studying on site in a Mystery School, she learned to balance the esoteric and Hermetic teachings with metaphysical teachings. She occasionally writes spiritual articles and was the INTA District President for Louisiana. She hs run Churches and has done public relations for non-profits, but mostly for Churches for many years and was in the recent "What is New Thought" film.

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