Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev. William Chapman

 Rev. William Chapman

 1616 East 1st Avenue

 Post Falls, ID 83854-7506

 (208) 262-6689


    I've been involved in spirituality since 1981. I joined the Christian Science Church in that year. I was with Christian Science mother church for 18 years. While living in Oregon, I joined a New Thought church called Living Enrichment Center. We moved to N. Idaho in the year 2000, and  I began going to the Center for Spiritual Living. After a few years I was still searching for the right church, because I was not being fulfilled at CSL, so I began to go to a Unity Church in N. Idaho. I attended Unity for eleven years, and that's when I discovered Divine Science. I became ordained with Divine Science in 2016. I finished my education at the University of Idaho in psychology and a minor in religion. Currently, I am in a master's program with Dr. Durrell Watkins.

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