Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Roma Carlisle

Rev Roma Carlisle
1057 Makawao Avenue, Apt B-102
Makawao, Maui, Hawaii  96768
Phone: (808) 242-4488  
email: romananda@aol.com


Reverend Roma Carlisle,is now serving as President of the Divine Science Ministers Association from her beautiful anchor point in Maui, Hawaii, where our DSMA 2019 Retreat will be held. Love... conscious, active and present... is the foundation of her life, and Truth... her guidance system. Being human... she's human, with challenges, goals, desires, and attachments, but strives always to connect in Oneness with All of God's Creation in deep gratitude, tenderness, and humility.

She is honored to have served for 6 years as Pastor of the first established Divine Science Church in the world... originally called "Church of Practical Christianity" (1892), then ... during her tenure, "First Divine Science Church of Saint Louis," and now known as, "Center for Divine Love."

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