Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Roma Carlisle

Rev Roma Carlisle
1057 Makawao Avenue, Apt B-102
Makawao, Maui, Hawaii  96768
Phone: (808) 242-4488  
email: romananda@aol.com


Reverend Roma Carlisle, living in Maui Hawaii in the middle of the peaceful Pacific Ocean, is now serving as President of DSMA. She is delighted to feel the love streaming through her, particularly on Sunday mornings, as many of us are celebrating that Infinite Presence of Love, Life, and Light with our congregations. Our bodies function as broadcasting vehicles, sending caring, kindness, love, and wisdom out into this world.

  She will be hosting the 2019 DSMA Biennial Retreat in beautiful Hana, Maui, Hawaii from May 6 thru 10. That streaming love has also formed itself into her first book, an autobiography entitled "Swan Song." What an honor and privilege it is to be a Divine Scientist, at this time, as our boundaries and walls are dissolving. . . Creativity abounds. . .  She is available for Spiritual counseling at area code (808) 242-4488. 

. . . We Are One . . . 


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