Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Dr Christine Emmerling

Rev Dr Christine Emmerling
Community of Infinite Spirit (Divine Science)
1540 Hicks Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 293-3838
email: DSMA@DivineScienceMinisters.org

web: www.CommunityofInfiniteSpirit.org


Rev. Christine is Sr. Minister of the Community of Infinite Spirit (Divine Science); a full service ministry with Sunday Services at 11am, group meditation, classes, practitioners and counseling.  She has been serving in this capacity since 1991.  Rev. Christine was ordained a Divine Science minister in 1987; licensed Practitioner and Teacher in 1984.  She is the Director of the West Coast United Divine Science Ministerial School. Rev. Christine's service to the Divine Science Movement includes DSMA 1994-98 & 2000-06, Brooks Divinity School 1998-2004, DSFI 1998-2001, 2004-2014, DSMA 2015 - current.

The Center portion of the ministry serves the local area by offering a place for spiritually minded people to have workshops, meetings, and special events.  The Center serves a broad spectrum of spiritual practices and healing modalities, multicultural arts, children's programs, and twelve step programs. Program presenters have come from various parts of the world; India, England, Germany, Australia, Japan, and across the USA including Hawaii.

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