Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Dr Christine Emmerling

Rev Christine Emmerling, D.D.
Community of Infinite Spirit (Divine Science)
1540 Hicks Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 293-3838
email: cemmerling1@comcast.net

web: www.CommunityofInfiniteSpirit.org


Rev. Christine is Sr. Minister of the Community of Infinite Spirit (Divine Science); a full service ministry with Sunday Services at 11am, group meditation, classes, practitioners and counseling.  She has been serving in this capacity since 1991.  Rev. Christine was ordained a Divine Science minister in 1987; licensed Practitioner and Teacher in 1984.  She is the Director of the West Coast Campus for the United Divine Science Ministerial School. Rev. Christine's service to the Divine Science Movement includes DSMA 1994-98 & 2000-06, 2015-2018, Brooks Divinity School 1998-2004, DSFI 1998-2001, 2004-2014.

The Center portion of the ministry serves the local area by offering a place for spiritually minded people to have workshops, meetings, and special events.  The Center serves a broad spectrum of spiritual practices and healing modalities, multicultural arts, children's programs, and twelve step programs. Program presenters have come from various parts of the world; India, England, Germany, Australia, Japan, and across the USA including Hawaii.

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