Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Scott DeMarco


50 E RiverCenter Blvd. Suite 408

Covington KY 41071

(513) 800 1291



Rev. Scott DeMarco specializes in spiritual and secular public speaking, spiritual

counseling, and course studies focusing on spiritual growth and transformation.

Rev. Scott has studied spiritual traditions from both the East and West, and

teaches a unified spiritual theory that is universal in content. He is best described

as a “spiritual but not religious” minister who adapts to all traditions.


Rev. Scott's interactive approach to spiritual development provides Truth seekers

with the opportunity to detach from dogmas and religious tenets, and instead

discover a personal and engaging approach to God. He founded and led “The New

Thought Spiritual Center,” a thriving church located in Southampton, NY (“The

Hamptons”). He has since relocated to Cincinnati, OH where he lives and works

with spiritual development workshops. He travels across the country to speak and

inspire individuals to discover and celebrate their innate divinity.


Rev. Scott trained at the Centers for Spiritual Living, the Unity School of

Christianity, and the Divine Science Ministries. He is a licensed and ordained

minister with the Divine Science Federation. He holds degrees from the College of

William & Mary, and started his foundational teaching with studies in traditional

Philosophy, Integral Theory, Consciousness Studies, and New Thought Principles.

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