Divine Science Ministers Association


Welcome to the Memorial Page of the Divine Science Ministers Association

This page is established to provide perpetual memorials for our Divine Science founders and ministers who have made their transition from this plane of expression. You may want to sponsor a minister's memorial for someone who has inspired you, or because you respect their work, or for their contribution to the Divine Science Movement. Anyone is welcome to submit a memorial with a love offering of whatever amount they feel is appropriate. Please include a photograph with the memorial. Entries will be edited as seen fit by DSMA.

Send submissions with your love offering to our Treasurer:
Rev. Tim Stewart, D.Min.
PO Box 1552
Mount Juliet, TN 37121

To speak to someone regarding this service call:
Rev. Dr. C. William Mercer at 646-753-2959


Rev Nona Lovell Brooks

Rev Marvin Clark

Rev Malinda E Cramer

Rev Luther Gillespie

Fannie Brooks James

Rev Marguerite Joan Killip

Rev Herman H Schroeder

Rev Ruth Hammink Carr

Rev Dr Robert J Winterhalter

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