Divine Science Ministers Association

Rev Dr Jerry McAndrew

Rev Dr Jerry McAndrew 4 Equestrian Lane
 Blue Bell PA 19422


 Phone: 215-247-1804
 Cell: 484-686-1643
 Email: jp854@aol.com



Rev Dr Jerry McAndrew is an Ordained Divine Science Minister and Practitioner. Jerry’s involvement with Metaphysics and the New Thought Movement started back in 2004 while undergoing some serious life, and life changing issues. His reading and studying the works of Ernest Holmes and Emmet Fox brought Jerry to the College of Divine Metaphysics, where he studied and received his Philosopher of Metaphysics (Ph.M.). He was ordained by the Rev Dr Anne Gordon into the Church of Divine Metaphysics October 15, 2012. Jerry’s ongoing zest for knowledge and understanding of Spiritual Truth lead him to Divine Science, where he studied under the Rev Dr Durrell Watkins, became a Divine Science Practitioner and was ordained by the Rev Dr Watkins into the Church of Divine Science on January 26, 2016.

Jerry is a licensed CPA and CFP and maintains an accounting and tax practice. He has also taught accounting at the college level and continues to teach accounting updates to other CPA’s at the professional level.

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