Divine Science Ministers Association

Who We Are...

The Divine Science Ministers Association (DSMA) is a non-profit 501(c3) corporation registered in the State of Colorado. We currently have minister members in many states throughout the United States as well as Canada, Australia and South Africa. If you would like to find a local Divine Science Ministers Association member, please go to our membership page or contact a member of the DSMA Board.

--To assist, encourage and inspire individual Divine Science Ministers in developing their own unique ministry.

--To license Divine Science Ministers worldwide, and to encourage those called to ministry in their spiritual and academic quest.

--To support fellowship among Divine Science ministers with networking, collegial professional activities and counseling services.

--To promote the Divine Science Teaching and further the spiritual focus of the Divine Science Movement worldwide

--To seek cooperation with all other Divine Science Organizations.

To unify and empower ministers in holding the consciousness and realization of eternal life, unconditional love, and divine substance for the Divine Science movement.

To be a resource for the ministers, that spiritually supports and nurtures communion with each other in love, in order to empower, heal, and inspire us to live a Christ-centered life in our Divine Science Ministries.

Each month, a group of Divine Science ministers are held in prayer by our Prayer Team for their ministry and their personal and professional wellbeing. Please click on PRAYER LIST to see the schedule for this year. This list also includes names for special prayer requests.

Our Chaplain is Rev. Dr. Christopher Bazemore.  He can be reached at bazemore1@yahoo.com or 301-602-8167. Feel free to contact Rev. Dr. Christopher if you have specail prayer needs that you would like to place with DSMA's Prayer Team or if you would like to become a member of the Prayer Team.

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